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High Quality Motorcycles Oakville

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High quality motorcycles are designed with more than comfort in mind and over the years, generation after generation, enhancements are more evident than ever before. Innovative design concept, versatility and stellar performance in low-to mid rpm range are standard features in high quality motorcycles. Buyers expect quality in appearance, performance and comfort in their motorcycle purchase and Budds’ Motorrad Oakville has the inventory to meet all of these demands and more.


Introducing the R1200RS, an innovative and unique sport touring high quality motorcycle that blends riding dynamics and cruising suitability at top tier levels. Experience superior riding comfort paralleled with a powerful engine and upgraded suspension.


Take a tour on one of the most celebrated high quality motorcycles, the K1600 GTL and you’ll want to ride forever. This is luxury at its finest as technical concepts and stylish flair pushes the limit in this motorcycle. Triple layers of pain to accentuate the exterior features are accompanied by a whispering, yet dominant in-line 6-cylinder engine.


Do it for the thrill on the R1200GS Adventure, one of the most renowned high quality motorcycles on the road today. This motorcycle is built to rise to the challenge of winding roads and extensive tours. Test your limits as you drive this invigorating bike that is enhanced with elevated riding pleasure and contemporary technical accents.


The R Nine T Scrambler delivers an exhilarating twist to the world of cyclists. Own the highway with every meter taken and know that this high quality motorcycle is built to break all the rules without sacrificing comfort, power or style. Unique designs such as high-positioned handle bars and a 19-inch lead wheel causes this motorcycle to hug each curve and arrive ahead of the rest.

If you are in the market for stylish high quality motorcycles, call or visit Budds’ Motorrad Oakville and a member of our team will be happy to answer all of your questions.