Meet Shirley Westwood, our Parts Manager. If it is parts you are seeking, Shirley maintains an extensive inventory of BMW parts. As a result, many orders are filled upon request. In addition to parts, Shirley and the Parts Department team would be happy to show you the full line of BMW accessories; from sports clothing line to boutique items and collectibles, to the ever popular BMW mountain bike, Budds’ BMW stocks them all.

Photo of Shirley Westwood
Shirley Westwood
Parts Manager

Phone: 905-845-3577

Photo of Amitoz Guron
Amitoz Guron
Parts Advisor

Phone: 289-291-5669

Photo of Wojciech Bernardyn
Wojciech Bernardyn
Parts Advisor

Phone: 289-291-5137

Photo of Dominick LeSaux
Dominick LeSaux

Phone: 289-291-5141