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Motorbike Dealership Oakville

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Here at Budds’ Motorrad, we pride ourselves for innovating an extensive lineup of motorcycles. From urbane to sport, our motorbikes have been meticulously designed to fit the needs of our customers to revitalize the feel of turning every curve on the road. With our intensive knowledge and expertise, our proficient team offers quality service to ensure you a positive purchasing experience at our Oakville dealership.

Build your own motorbike

At Budds’ Motorrad, we embrace on customer satisfaction and we are pleased to guide customers towards ownership. To fulfill the riding experience you desire, we offer a service where you can build your own unique ride that will help you dominate the road. When building your motorbike, we provide a wide range of designs which holds unique specifications in terms of performance, convenience, comfort, and reliability. Starting off with a reasonable price, each model has their own specific set of colours, packages, and options for you to choose from.

Depending on the motorbike model, there are particular packages where you can select between a sports or dynamic motorbike, comfort or touring, and so on. After you chose a package, there are various options for your motorbike that range from an anti-theft alarm system, dynamic traction control, a lowered seat, and other specifications that will further enhance your riding experience.

To delve towards your satisfaction, you can implement our available storage, safety, ergonomics and comfort, design, and sound accessories to further enhance your convenience on the road. Once you have compiled the specifications you desire, it provides a summary of your selections accompanied with the total price of your motorbike. Once that is completed, our team of proficient technicians will rigorously tailor your needs in your own motorbike.

If you are interested in building your own motorbike, please visit here for an in depth overview of the models and their specifications.