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New Motorcycles for Sale

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BMW as a model has from time immemorial been associated with class and prestige. This has resulted in the brand becoming an all-time bestseller in nearly every single continent of the world. Whilst BMW have greatly diversified, the company has managed to stay true to its model and brand attracting millions of fans globally. Since 1923, the motor company has moved from luxury cars to aircraft and now luxury high speed prestige motorbikes.

In the world of motorbikes, it is largely agreed upon that motorbikes retain a much higher value than cars. But BMW has continued the bequest of class and quality in their new motorcycles that are for sale at Budds’ Motorrad in Oakville.

Class and prestige as we have mentioned, marks the reason why most people actually decide to go for new BMW Motorcycles in Oakville. Firstly, our brand has certainly made a name for itself. This simply means that the prestige and class associated with BMW is way beyond reproach. Quality is also another crucial element that buyers have always expected from the BMW models. This is actually the same with the motorbike. Because the German car maker has notably distinguished itself as a top player in the automobile world, the same is trusted in the world of motorbikes.

Motorcyclists are very specific about their bikes. That is basically why when embarking on its manufacture of top-of-the line motorbikes, BMW (Bavarian motor works) had this in mind. Technically, BMW has only two types of new motorcycles, the K-series and the R-series. The differences basically include three or even four cylinders normally lying side by side for the K-series and two cylinders which are horizontally-positioned for the R series. Novelty on the part of BMW has also led to the production of the F -series which has only one chain and cylinder. There are of course further categories within the R series. One of the main reasons why the R-series is preferred by some is because it’s modern and has a fuel injection system. This is highly advantageous because it translates into cheaper costs and ease of repair.

If you are in Oakville and looking to buy a new BMW Motorcycle, then don’t hustle. At Budds’ Motorrad we have lots of new BMW Motorcycle for you to choose from!

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