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Top Motorbikes Oakville

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The Motorbike runway is an extremely demanding and growing market. Innovation, performance and design are only a fraction of what the top motorbikes have to offer and what cyclists expect in a ride. Budds’ Motorrad Oakville introduces the newest models of top motorbikes that offer a variety of features, which are lightweight and comfortable enough for an entry-level rider, while delivering enough power for a seasoned rider.


The BMW S1000RR enters its third generation with an increase in power and a redesigned outer appearance that awes spectators from all around. Featuring an output of 199 HP and a weight of 204 kg including ABS and traction control, the superbike is lighter than the preceding version. BMW topped this edition off with a completely redesigned exhaust system and a new engine design to increase torque.

K1600 GTL

Luxury makes its grand debut on the wheels of the K1600 GTL, a superior class touring bike like no other. Proudly taunting an efficient in-line 6-cylinder engine that is compact and more efficient than any other in its class. This is one bike for sale that is designed to cater to the never-ending trips, destination unknown.

R 1200 R

Introducing superior dynamic in design, appeal and performance with the R 1200 R. Hissing greatness in inspiration, this bike captures the perfection in the roadsters category, with a winning combination of athleticism, comfort and design.

If you’re in the market for one of the top motorbikes, consider one of the many options that allows you to set sail in the wind.

  • R nine T
  • R1200 R
  • K1600GTL Exclusive
  • R1200 GS Adventure

Call or visit Budds’ Motorrad Oakville to explore some of the top motorbikes on the road today. A member of our team will be happy to answer all of your questions.