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Top Used Bikes

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Your search for the top used bikes ends at Budds’ Motorrad where quality of selection is broad and growing daily. A great selection of bikes from nearly every year, make and model is included in the inventory and a professional and knowledgeable team member is always available to accommodate the needs of each customer. Customer service begins with initial contact and always includes a satisfied customer.

F800 GT

The F800 GT is designed to last and makes a superb choice among the top used bikes. Poised with comfort and geared for fun, riders will find the stimulating comfort of the adjustable seat heights quite accommodating. The journey continues and the view is spectacular when taking in the sights from the wheels of this motorcycle.

F700 GS

Your search for top used bikes could be just a few meters away with the smooth handling efforts provided by the F700 GS. This gem is perfect for those who require a little more customization to accommodate personal preferences. Basic colours and stylish design options with equipment to match makes it just right for you.

G310 R

Meet the design that was built for the masses. Riders of all sizes, short or tall, find the G310 R to be an exceptional option. An underestimated powerhouse that is lightweight in design and convenient in every way, will take you from your 9 to 5 or for a night out in the city. This model offers contemporary technical and power options, such as agility and easy control components that make it one of the most elite top used bikes on the market today.

Call or visit Budds’ Motorrad and a member of our team will be happy to assist you in finding one of the leading top used bikes that you will be sure to enjoy.