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Used Motorbikes Oakville

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If you’re looking to find quality priced used motorbikes in the Oakville area, visit us at Budds’s Motorrad for the right combination of quality and value.  Our dedicated associates will provide you with an exceptional customer service experience including all the information you need to help you select the perfect motorcycle.

Technology Advances for Motorcycles

BMW Motorrad is working to increase the safety of your motorcycling experience by offering an LTE mobile phone module in upcoming motorcycles.  It will also be possible to make connected services available on your central display to enable data relevant to the riding experience to be listed in the most effective way possible for your motorcycle.  In the future, this may allow your navigation system to display early warning alerts, indicating the end of a traffic jam in a corner, for example.

eCall System Introduced for 2017

Beginning in 2017, BMW Motorrad will offer an eCall system available to BMW motorcycles.  The eCall system is an Intelligent Emergency Call system that will enable important information needed by rescue services to be sent to the BMW Call Centre to begin the necessary response in case of an accident.  This also includes a voice connection with the driver to further communicate vital information.

Budds’ Motorrad believes that motorcycling and safety go hand in hand and is dedicated to increasing the safety of all of our riders.  There have been many impressive technology innovations in the safety features of our motorcycles and equipment.  For more information, drop by and speak to one of our professional associates.