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Used Motorcycle Oakville

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Purchasing a Used Motorcycle isn’t easy and requires considerable time and effort. To make the process easier, follow these tips provided by Budds’ BMW

Buying a used motorcycle in Oakville takes a little more prep work than just walking into a dealership of your choice, pointing at the closest shiny object or the bike that appeals to you the most and saying “I want that one”. If you are a bike enthusiast and a savvy shopper, you need to conduct due diligence to ensure you get the best possible deal on a unique ride. Here are tips on how to purchase a used motorcycle from Budds’ BMW Motorrad in Oakville:


Deciding which motorcycle you want to purchase can be tricky. There are so many makes, models, colors, and engines to choose from. However, to make the task easier, go online and look at our different motorcycles available at our dealership.

Before making a final decision, shortlist a few bikes you find most impressive and within your price range. Check out the accessories and features, such as extra chrome, lighting details, and saddlebags, which you may want on your motorcycle. Lastly, talk to a member of our friendly Budds’ BMW Motorrad team about the condition and previous usage of the motorcycle. Feel free to call or email them before you plan on visiting the showroom.

Contact Our Used Motorcycle Department in Oakville

Once you have shortlisted a few BMW bikes, it’s time to come in and see them! Contact our Used Motorcycle Oakville Team at Budds’ to schedule a meeting (contact us by phone or email).

Observe and Take a Test Ride

Have one of our Oakville BMW Motorrad Technicians observe and assess the condition of the bike and figure out any minor details that might need repair or replacement. Examine the exterior finishes, paint, and chrome, with the tire condition, brakes, cables, and check for fluid leaks. In simple words, check every single part of the motorcycle thoroughly. Our Budds’ BMW Motorrad Team in Oakville are here to help, so always feel free let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

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