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Classic Motorcycles for Sale Burlington

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If you are a classic motorcycle enthusiast, and you are looking for classic motorcycles for sale Burlington with a modern flare, Budd’s Motorrad has something for you. BMW Motorrad has become the first mainstream manufacturer to develop a separate division targeted to owners of its classic motorcycle models. Looking for classic motorcycles for sale Burlington is made easy by coming into Budds’ Motorrad today and speaking with one of our experienced and friendly representatives. Our associates are highly knowledgeable of classic motorcycles and can help you with your search for classic motorcycles for sale Burlington.

Scrambler Concept Path22 Motorcycle.

Scrambler motorcycles do not follow any standards or conventions. They are constructed to be unique just like their owners. The Concept Path22 is the first interpretation of a Scrambler by Budds’ Motorrad. The Concept Path22 is a modern interpretation of the Scramblers from the 50’s. Those motorcycles in the 50’s, the same as now, stood for freedom and absolute passion. With the individual paintwork and focus on the best possible quality, the Concept Path22 is more than just a motorbike, it is a mix of style and originality; pure exhilaration for the driver.

Visual Ques.

The stripped down look of the Concept Path22 will trigger more than a fea 1950’s flashbacks. The motorcycle is designed to let you travel lighter and enjoy the open road. As far as classic motorcycles for sale Burlington goes, the Concept Path22 should be in the forefront for a retro vehicle with a modern look. The Concept Path 22’s rustic scrambler elements include off-road tires and a protective grill that contrasts nicely with luxurious and modern details like leather seats, stainless steel tail pipe and wheels painted in contrasting colors. The Concept Path22 is a work of art that depicts the ways of life in the 1950’s.

Surf’s Up.

This motorcycle is not only visually appealing with a vintage look, but it is also rather useful for transporting a surfer’s board to and from the swells. As a motorcycle enthusiast, this motorcycle will appeal to people who enjoy surfing and a laid back lifestyle by the water. This motorcycle comes with an optional rack that can be installed to carry a surfboard. For those people who live by water and love to surf, this is a convenient way to transport your board while looking stylish on your bike. As classic motorcycles for sale Burlington goes, the Concept Path22 is a modern motorcycle with a classic look and provides practical use.

If you need assistance looking for classic motorcycles for sale Burlington, Budds’ Motorrad Burlington can assist you with your search. Our helpful and friendly associates are here to offer you outstanding customer service from the time you step foot into the dealership.