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Classic Motorcycles For Sale Milton

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Finding classic motorcycles for sale Milton can easily be done at Budds’ Motorrad. We understand that our customers are very knowledgeable about motorcycles, they know what they want, and their enthusiasm for motorcycle culture is no joke. This is why Budds’ Motorrad can provide our valued customers with a selection of premium quality classic motorcycles for sale Milton. If you are an avid rider, and you understand the responsibility of operating such a powerful and dynamic machine, then you can also have respect for the oldies and the classics. Knowing where the future will take us with motorcycles and related technology does not begin to come into focus without knowing how far motorcycles and technology have come. Budds’ Motorrad is home to classic motorcycles that have been infused with modern flare, and we want to get you on top, and behind the bars of these timeless pieces of art.

The Scrambler Concept Path 22.

In the 1950’s, scrambler motorcycles were rather common, but did not follow any standards or conventional procedures. Scramblers were meant to be constructed in a unique way that matched the uniqueness of their owner. The Concept Path 22 motorcycle from Budds’ Motorrad is the first interpretation of the Scrambler motorcycles of the 1950’s, with a modern flare. As the motorcycles in the 50’s stood for ultimate freedom with transportation and the outdoors, the same thing is true today, and The Concept Path 22 motorcycle depicts that, along with absolute passion. This motorcycle is the perfect balance of past and future with its unique shape and design, combined with its modern materials and driveability. As far as classic motorcycles for sale in Milton goes, this bike is a true original; an exhilarating experience for the rider.


With a basic and stripped down design, this motorcycle is meant to get you from point A to point B in a stylish fashion. It is meant to help you travel lighter, and enjoy the open road while riding a simple but powerful machine. The Concept Path 22 should be the frontrunner in your search for classic motorcycles for sale Milton. The Concept Path 22 has build qualities much like the Scrambler of the 50’s because of its heavy duty off road tires and protective front grill. These features are contrasted with modern elements like a lightly colored leather seat, stainless steel pipes, and painted wheels. This motorcycle is modern, with a classic look and practical useage.

If you are in the market for classic motorcycles for sale Milton, we recommend coming into Budds’ Motorrad today and looking at our stock of quality classic bikes. You can contact our representatives via phone or by email to set up a test ride of a classic motorcycle of your choice.